Sunday, April 13, 2014

Olivia Palermo

I am not sure why there arent many mentions about Olivia Palermo. If you were to ask me (and i'm glad you did), i would level her same as Audrey Hepburn. Both beautifully stylish. 

Olivia, an American model socialite, who had been on cover for many magazines including Elle, Tatler, Marie Claire, etc. 

This is how she looks like. Classy isnt she. 

Lets look at some of her fashion styles: 

She brings black to another higher level. Literally, black on her never look boring, it becomes stylish. 

Such simple matching, yet she brings out that chic and stylish feel in her dressing. 

I love how she paired the polka dot top with the mermaid skirt. Just so 'apt'! Well, the only thing i dont really like is those electric blue shades, somehow i feel it doesnt quite match. Hm... 

I believe this was taken for one of her modelling shoots.  My heart palpitated when i first saw this! I dont know how to describe but i guess some things beautiful are just beyond words of description. :) 

The above 4 are taken from some of her daily lifestyle shots, and each of them just shows off that stylish and chic in her! I mean look at the last pic. Who would walk their dog dressed like this?? A typical Singaporean would walk our dog probably in T Shirts, shorts and slippers... But for her, its simply too chic! Oh and those toned legs. 

AND, did you see her Birkin paired with that denim top?? ���� Birkin! I mean BIRKIN!! ������

Anyways, a few more of her and her style: 

This last one is quite a bit of a mixture. Leopard print heels with floral pants and a feathered jacket. Hm, mix feelings... But i guess her decision to match them all with a plain Tan bag, did balance it out afterall. ��

And in case you are wondering, yes, she has a steady boyfriend whom she is engaged to a few yrs back. And also in case you are wondering if he is handsome (to match up to her beauty), yes he is handsome.

This is the only picture i have of Johannes Huebl, whom i think is also a professional model. Handsome eh. :) And even a simple LBD, Olivia can wear the beauty out of it so easily! ����

So, like what i said in the beginning of this post, i arent sure why she's not being mention often enough in my country, but i definitely love her, and her style! Simple yet classy and that's what i love. And i found such style in her. 

I am not sure if she has a personal Instagram account but if you would like to follow her in IG, 'Oliviapalermofan' is the way to it. And like me, if theres anyone out there that loves her and her style, let me know!! :) 

So before i say bye, one more Olivia, just for YOU. ��

Friday, March 28, 2014

Blair Eadie

Okay i must apologise that my last post was eons ago. Have been busy with a few stuff on hand. 

Most of my closer frens would know that i like any thing beautiful, any thing pretty and so that includes fashion too. But what many dont know, is that in particular, the Parisian Chic style. Not sure if this is the way to call it but i just like chic fashion style. In my Instagram, many of those that i follow are not my personal frens, instead they are famous fashion bloggers from Singapore, New York, London and a few other places. As long as their style is what i like, i follow. And today, one of them i would want to make mention is Blair Eadie. 

This is how she looks like. Maybe not exceptionally pretty or beautiful to start with BUT. But she is good at dressing herself! I didnt really go into her history on how she started all these fashion blogging and how she managed to move to where she is now, being more and more famous. One thing i do know for sure, she is confident when it comes to fashion. Lets look at a few of her work: 

Conventional stripes with bright pink? Who would have thought of that?? But she matches them very well. 

Next one: 

For those of you that loves fashion, it isnt hard to tell whats the statement piece she's trying to bring out ya. Okay, in case its not obvious and you guessed that Chanel bag, wrong. To me, it will be those shoes! I wouldnt think i can match them with that skirt! ��


Wah, even sitting on steps can be so classy. Lol. Okay, RED. Everything red (except shades) and what can i say? Classy, gorgeous and confident. 

Oh, and that Valentino shoes!! ��

How abt this? 

I dont mind going out in a gloomy and rainy weather if i can be this stylish carrying the brolly. Lol. 

I am always amazed by how a simple Chanel brooch can change the whole dressing feel. Just imagine the above two without the brooch? How does it feel? "No feel." will be my answer, but the moment the brooch is up, it brings out that classy and stylish feel. I just love Chanel! 

This one above: Love the way she tucked the top in to a highwaist straight cut pants. It just makes one look taller and slimmer, in a stylish way! 

She brings black into another high. 

And my favourite of them all: 

Erm, stop laughing at the feathers lah! If you look at it again, its actually a very chic piece of top and i absolutely love the colour! Perfect for cocktail gatherings! ✌ 

If you may notice, almost all her photos has her in shades. I think she looks great in shades. Not that i am trying to mean she is ugly without them.. You've seen her without.. She isnt ugly la.. Infact her followers did make a request for her to take off her shades.. Not sure if she did it though, i didnt see one without. 

But in any case i just love her style. And if you love her too, follow her on her IG or sign up for her mailing list via her blog. 

Have fun ladies! ��

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Elie Saab

Hi there! I am going do a post on one of my favourite designers, Elie Saab. Not going to talk much abt him as pictures will paint a thousand words. 

His great interest and passion towards fashion started as early as 9 years old. And his 1st gown designing was a pure accident but a pleasant one; accidentally coming up with a white and blue stripe gown for his sister. His passion started from there. 

At one point of time, he was supposed to be studying fashion design in Paris, but went back home shortly and started his workshop instead. So, in another words, he didnt actually has any professional certification in the mentioned field! Wow, then thats pretty amazing, considering how successful he is now. A real talent indeed! 

A few sample of his works: 

Elegance, class should be the more common description of his works. 

Isnt it true? :) 

I noticed he seldom use solid and hard colours on his designs. In fact there are a lot of pastel and ombres on those gowns, which makes them look elegant and classy. I love it! 

Alas his gowns are all very pricey, if not, i wont mind getting one for myself. Hehe..

Well thats all folks. Have been pretty busy these few weeks. But i do have a few other stuff to blog about, so stay tune friends!  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Make your calories count

There are many ways to shed off those fats that could have been haunting us all these while. While we do our best to hit the gym or have our own time exercise regime, diet plays an important part too. Very often, when we hear friends around us saying that they are going on a diet, a diet, a diet, and blahs and if only there is a more effective way to document down what we have eaten. 

Almost a year ago, a colleague of mine introduced me to this phone app that can actually track ur calories intake as well as your exercise records. I thought how nice and convenient it'll be. So, i downloaded the app and have been eating in guilt erm, most of the time since. BUT BUT BUT, you want to lose those weight right? You cannot tahan seeing that flabby arms and that pertruding tummy fats accompanied by the giant thighs? RIGHT?? ���� If your answer is YES, then unfortunately you (we) have not many choices left la. 

The name of this app is called iDat. This is one of the initiatives by the Health Promotion Board (HPB). And yes, it can actually track your calories intake as well as your exercises activities. Power right? 

After you downloaded this app, they will prompt you to sign in and you will be requested to put in your current weight, goal weight (see picture below (1) to (3)) such that they can tabulate how long you will need to take in order to achieve your goal weight (4). Of course with proper diet and exercises ya. 

When all settings, goals and visions are set, you can officially start on your calories counting. Well iDat is a pretty comprehensive app to use because it doesnt only have the weight and goal, calories counting, you can actually record all your exercises data in this app too. Just like the one below (left panel): 

And what i really would like to emphasize on is the calories counter. How do we count our calories? Of course through the food we eat. iDat has a pretty conprehensive list of Asian food (thats what i like most! Its so Singapore!) And for a typical Chinese Asian like me, it works exactly the way i like it to be! 

Again from the left panel, you tap Summary and it will tell you how much calories you can take everyday. It aims to work according to your personal goal that you had previously entered and thus the proposed calories given under Summary is what you should aim for everyday. Ie; not consuming more than that amount of calories. 
One example: 

So for this case seen above, this person should only be consuming no more than 1200kcal per day. 

To find out how much calories you have taken, go to the left panel again and tap Meal, and it will bring you to this: 

Again, as seen above, iDat has broken down your intake period into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. So say you tap on breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will see a long list of suggested food to key in: 

They range from meat to seafood to vegetables to snacks/desserts to beverages and even fast food! My favourite Curry Zazzle from Pizza Hut is an astonishingly 564 kcal!! ����

And so like i'd said, the list is quite conprehensive like these below:

They have almost everything that i can find in Singapore (Asian food). And aftr you have selected your food, it will also give you a breakdown list of how much calories taken for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacktime: 

I personally like this lots and was a little stuck to it for quite a while when first introduced to. One of my friends and her fiance joking complained to me that i got both of them addicted to this app! Lol! So for those of you that are more health conscious or that you are aiming to lose some fats or even trying to maintain your good figure, try iDat from HPB! Have fun!